Here is what few of our guests over the past have to say about us :

"Awesome stay - very homely, quaint and relaxing. Very happy with the way the place is maintained in terms of cleanliness. The food was very very good and the caretaker took optimal care to give us warm and hot breakfast and dinner. The environment in the estate with its lush green surroundings and the very beautiful river flowing made this stay a very beautiful and memorable one. Already planning our next trip here!

- Mark Pereira - December 2014



"Cuppa Creek, in one word - PEACE. Loved this place!. It was fun to listen to birds, watch the nature in close proximity and get the feeling of oneness with nature. The water stream in the estate adds more fun to the stay. The water is refreshing and recharging for the body, mind and soul. The food was awesome! 

-Vinay S.G - November 2014



" Cuppa Creek was an awesome experience. A beautiful place with a warm and friendly staff. The hpuse is maintained well and quiet, warm and cozy. The food served was excellent and the staff made sure that it was made according to our needs. Overall, an enthralling experience and a great place to unwind! Thank you."

-Samma Shetty - July 2014


"Cuppa Creek was an unexpected, sudden plan that turned out to be a very enjoyable plan with beautiful sceneries and accomodation. Food was good and a very memorable experience to remember for a lifetime.

p.s. Do visit the creek below!" 

- Suraj R - June, 2014 


"It was a wonderful stay for all of us. We enjoyed the time that we spent there. Thanks!"

-Paresh Gupta - April, 2014

"Cuppa Creek is wonderful place and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Appreciate the hospitality of staff there, I would certainly recommend my friends to stay at Cuppa Creek on their visit to Coorg."

-Sudhanshu Shukla (Bangalore) - March, 2014.

"We stayed at Cuppa Creek for a few days on vacation from Canada. The cottages are unique in the way that they offer you privacy and give you a homey feel versus a hotel-feel.
 The views are spectacular! there are a few hidden neat spots to give you a view overlooking the plantation, creek and hills. There are the view point where you could picnic and see a gorgeous view of the whole cottage. You have to explore a little to find these spots but they are worthwhile. It's a resort set on a hill. If you are physically fit and love running this is a haven for you.
The cottage has a nice patio where you can sit out early mornings or nights to enjoy crisp fresh air and have an enjoyable time with family. The affordable price can cover your whole family. The cottage is maintained very clean and rooms are spacious.
The amenities provided are quiet good, the hot / cold shower is always available. We had requested for local cuisine and the caretaker cooked some coorgi delicacies.  
Overall I come out with a positive experience, having spent time with family and friends. Rested, destressed, and re-energized. Room Tip: Book ahead of time during peak seasons."

-Mr  Edward Irwin & Family (Canada) - Jan, 2014.

Thanks a lot for giving us a wonderful opportunity to stay at Cuppa Creek. Our entire family enjoyed it a lot. Food was really awesome. Caretaker were extremely helpful. We will never look for any other place while visiting Coorg again. Our daughter had great time seeing rabbits :)
Thanks a ton again.

- Angrez and entire family (Bangalore) - June, 2013.


" Its a really nice and fun place in Coorg. We had a good time till the day we were here. Your hospitality is too good.  "

- Mr Sujit Kumar Das ( IBM, Chennai)

" Your cottage is at a good location. The surroundings make it feel like heaven. The Stay was very comfortable. everything was good - i.e food, facilities etc. All in all, it was simply outstanding."          

- Ms Debasri Kamilla 

 " The arrangement you had made for us was very good. This resort provides the feeling of a homely atmosphere. If I plan to come to " COORG " in future then I will surely come to this resort. " 

- Ms Anushree Balakrishnan

" I see your involvement in everything in this place. It is very beautiful. Iam cming here for the first time and see why you are so passionate about the place. I enjoyed the stay very much and thanks to you, it iwll be one of the most memorable days of my life. " 

- Mr Vishnu Chetan ( Chennai)

" Its a wonderful place to stay. We have enjoyed a lot. We came here with no plans of how to visit Coorg but the people here helped us a lot in proper planning. We would love coming here again & again. And food over here is awesome. Its completely home made & delicious. Staying at Cuppa Creek was wonderful. " 

-S.V.R Prasad & G. Radhika ( Warangal, A.P)

" When we came to Coorg we dint expect that we will get a place like this.i.e Cuppa Creek. Cuppa Creek will always be on our minds and a part of our life. "

- Mr Faiz & Leby ( Calicut)

" After a long and tedious trip through Kodagu, the stay here was really refreshing. The surroundings are enchanting. The service here was good. The place is simply outstanding" 

-Mr Kumar Menon & group ( Kerala)

" We had a wonderful stay at Cuppa Creek. This place makes me feel lighter and reduces a lot of stress. The place is pleasant and surroundings extremely good. The service provided by all was very friendly and our kids liked it all. The food was homely too and very good. Iam thinking about making more trips here. Thanks for providing the service." 

-Mr Balaji & group ( Chennai, Bangalore)

" Nice place for a vacation. I am sure to be back here very soon. I came here with family and friends along with their families and all of us had fun. We think its a good idea to gift a stay for few days to friends and families. " 

-Mr Krishna & group ( Mysore) 

" This place is a visual treat & the warm welcome makes it all the more desirable. The experience was wonderful. Hope this leads to some major developments in the future. Thanks a ton. " 

-Mr Amit & Namrata ( Bangalore)

" We guys had a great time here ! The place is so peaceful and its the best place to chill-ax ! Will surely get back to this place." 

- Mr Shreyas & group ( Bangalore)

" Only one word to say about "U" and your cottage - "SUPER FINE" ." 

-Mr Ashok & group ( Erode)


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